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Our Purpose

The CO2 calculation
for your company -
simple and standard compliant


The beginning of sustainability in the company ...

The foundation stone for the start of sustainable corporate development is the calculation of a corporate carbon footprint. It makes success measurable and CO2 reductions plannable. Together with you, we lay this foundation and make you fit for the ecologically sustainable development of your company.


... with technical expertise and standards competence ...

In doing so, you benefit not only from our technical expertise, which we bring with us as expert engineers. As certified environmental auditors, we also support you with our comprehensive normative and legal expertise, which guarantees you personal project management at the highest level. We are constantly optimizing our work processes, which keeps their effort small.


... for efficient action and sound results.

Do you want to subject your products to a life cycle assessment or do you want to comply with a customer's code of conduct? Our Corporate Carbon Footprint calculation is the ideal starting point for sustainable requirements in your company, especially for SMEs. It helps you to pursue your goals in a sustainable and efficient manner and to transparently present the transformation costs incurred.

Let’s Start - The calculation of your corporate carbon footprint

  1. Send us your request today - we will respond within 24 hours!

  2. Based on quickly available primary data, we build a CO2 reporting for your company. You can only improve what you measure!

  3. You will receive a standard-compliant Corporate Carbon Footprint from us, which you can use on the one hand as a starting point for the sustainable further development of your company, but which is also ideal for external communication with customers and stakeholders.
    In addition, you will receive a document that provides information on the methodology we use and that compares the different consumers of your company and shows their development over time. Our methodology is transparent and can be used as evidence for external reviews such as audits.
    If, in addition to the report, you wish to offset the greenhouse gases emitted by your company, we will also take care of their certification.


Entrepreneurial security through sustainability

Entrepreneurial security through sustainability

Security through international standards expertise and extensive formal competencies
Lean and digital processes minimize the effort in your company
Your benefit is in the foreground for us. In order to implement your concerns optimally, we are personally there for you

Hidden Sustainability Champions