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For businesses

For businesses

Ensure your sustainable business success with us


CO2 management simple and fast

We use your data to quickly and easily calculate your company's CO2 emissions. The various emission sources, such as energy, heat or your vehicle fleet, are broken down and presented in your personal Corporate Carbon Footprint. This allows you to identify opportunities for reducing emissions and track your successes over the years on the path to sustainable corporate development.


Workflow Management

With a standardized procedure that has been tried and tested through experience, we can keep the effort required to get started with the topic of sustainability very low for our customers. We take care of handling your data, the preparation of the balance sheet and reports without you having to worry about the details. As a result, we guarantee a complete view of your company, which means that our Corporate Carbon Footprint meets the standards of external audits.

Complete corporate carbon footprint

The Corporate Carbon Footprint is always at the beginning of a long-term sustainable positioning and transformation of your business areas. It shows potentials in CO2 reduction and makes them quantifiable and plannable.
Meet the increasing sustainability requirements of your customers and partners today through an annual balance sheet and also reduce your costs in the long term through sustainable management.


Reduced effort through data

By analyzing the corporate carbon footprint, potentials for emission reduction become visible. You will not only reposition your company, but also reduce your costs in the long term. Through a data-based sustainability assessment, long-term projects and transformations can be realized profitably and thus become part of your financial planning.



Try to save as much CO2 as possible. This is not only the most efficient solution against climate change, but also the most economically beneficial. You can set a reduction target through the data-based Corporate Carbon Footprint, similar to the one defined by the European Union, and track it over the years.
In this way, you save not only now but also in the future on cost-intensive compensation trading with CO2 certificates and reduce their resource requirements, i.e. their fixed costs.


Life Cycle Assessment

We support you if you need a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for one or more of your products. Here, too, we try to keep your effort low by supporting you with the data collection and subsequently taking over the calculation and preparation of the Life Cycle Assessment in its entirety.

Sector solution

Every industry and every company is different in its requirements. We respond to your wishes. Through our personal consultation and cooperation, we can include industry-relevant key figures in our reports for you.



We support you in communicating and correctly interpreting the data to keep you on the path to sustainability. We are personally available for you and respond to your specific requirements.


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on request

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