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CSRD - Sustainability Reporting

How can you prepare for the CSRD and ESRS quickly and easily?

With the introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), sustainability reporting in the EU will be raised to a new level and gradually become mandatory for all companies. With the aim of supporting companies on their way to sustainable development, Sustainability& offers you professional solutions in the area of CSRD sustainability reporting based on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

With our professional and personal processes, we accompany you in a targeted and efficient manner in the development of ESRS-compliant sustainability reporting.

Materiality analysis: What do you have to report according to CSRD?

Sustainability reporting according to CSRD starts with a thorough materiality analysis. We help you identify the key factors and stakeholders that impact your business and the environment to ensure that your reporting covers the material issues that are critical to your long-term success. The key environmental and social impacts you have, as well as the environmental and social risks you face, are identified using ESRS standards.

Develop the relevant KPIs: What do I use to measure my impacts?

By developing the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), our CSRD sustainability reporting provides a clear and concrete way to measure and monitor your sustainability goals. We define the specific indicators you need to report on according to the ESRS.

GAP analysis: Where are my gaps in the sustainability reporting according to the ESRS?

Our GAP analysis is designed to identify the gap between your current state and the sustainability requirements required by the ESRS. Through a detailed analysis, we identify areas where improvements are possible and necessary and develop strategies to effectively close these gaps.

ESRS-compliant sustainability reporting: transparent and reliable

We provide you with comprehensive and ESRS-compliant sustainability reporting. Our approach ensures that your reporting is not only compliant with CSRD requirements, but also transparent and trustworthy so you can build stakeholder confidence. We ensure that you can quickly and easily build a compliant and ESRS-compliant sustainability reporting system.

Your solution for a sustainable future

With our expertise in CSRD sustainability reporting, Sustainability& is your partner on the path to more sustainable and responsible corporate governance. Contact us to learn more about CSRD and ESRS and how we can help you with materiality analysis, development of relevant KPIs, GAP analysis and ESRS-compliant sustainability reporting. Together, we'll shape a sustainable future.