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CO2 balance company

What are the CO2 emissions of your company?

The carbon footprint represents the direct and indirect CO2 emissions of your company. With our method, we, the team of Sustainability&, analyze the CO2 footprint of your company and support you in reducing it.

Comprehensive analysis for sustainable growth

Our analysis covers all areas of your business, from your buildings, your production processes, your logistics, your upstream products to external services. This allows us to determine exactly which areas of your business generate the largest carbon footprint and where the greatest potential savings lie.

Corporate Carbon Footprint from Sustainability& - your partner for sustainable growth

The Sustainability& team helps you understand and reduce your corporate carbon footprint. We offer you individual solutions and recommendations for action to minimize your CO2 emissions and achieve your sustainability goals. Invest in a greener future and help protect our environment.

An integral part of any sustainability strategy

The Corporate Carbon Footprint is the starting point for decarbonizing your business. It allows you to identify the biggest levers for reducing CO2 emissions and develop a path to carbon neutrality.

Benefits of a Corporate Carbon Footprint Analysis

A corporate carbon footprint analysis offers many benefits to companies looking to commit to sustainability. It enables companies to understand and minimize their CO2 emissions and thus achieve their sustainability goals. In addition, such an analysis leads to cost savings as companies can use resources more efficiently and reduce waste.

Illustration ISO 14064
ISO 14064
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Climate protection strategy
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ISO certifiable
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Scope 1
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Scope 2
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