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For municipalities

For municipalities

We support you as an independent partner at the municipal level


CO2 footprint

Our offer is also specifically aimed at municipalities. We calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of your municipality's buildings, infrastructure and vehicle fleet and summarize the results in a dashboard and report. Your energy needs are also compared to possible sustainable power sources of your own.
Our reports meet all legal and normative requirements of your country, such as an energy report. We want to keep the effort as low as possible for you and, after submitting your data, we take care of the complete data input and report generation.
In this way, you can drive sustainability in your community and present your successes in a fact-based manner.


Emission and energy monitoring

In our digital tool, you can track exactly how your energy demand and emissions develop over the years.
In the dashboard created for you personally, you can compare your energy consumers and thus easily identify potentials in emission reduction.


Energy sharing

Renewable energy communities (Energy sharing) hold great potential in reducing your energy needs, greenhouse gas emissions and electricity costs. Only build facilities that are also profitable in the Renewable energy community and can achieve a high utilization rate.
We support you in planning to find the most efficient mix of power producers and power sources, so that you can also achieve the greatest possible cost reductions in the long term. Through our calculations, you can see the annual expected utilization and cost reduction or profit for each consumer and each producer.



We support you in communicating and correctly interpreting the data to keep you on the path to sustainability. We are personally available for you and respond to your specific requirements.